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The Wear at War

The Wear at War documents the stories of the communities along the River Wear during the First World War. Among those are a soldier from Crook, shot at dawn; a poet from  Durham, cut down on the Somme, and a young girl whose life is tragically ended on the home front. The project was produced with local history group, Wessington U3A and part-funded by HLF.

Free Film Screenings

Free film screenings were held along the Wear, from St John’s Chapel, down to the river mouth at Sunderland. Feedback has been excellent and we’d like to thank everyone who took the time to come along and see the film.

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Praise for The Wear at War

'Stunning and moving, a terrific film’

'I thoroughly enjoyed the film, as did everyone around me in the hall at Wolsingham. As always, a great job' - Liz Bregazzi, Durham County Records Office

'We were at the showing of The Wear at War in St John's Chapel on Sunday and wanted to say how much we enjoyed the film. It was an amazingly high standard' - The McDowell family

'A huge commendation for the new "The Wear at War" production. We thoroughly enjoyed the showing at St John's Chapel and just wanted to say a massive thank you '  

‘This film gave me so much more information, what a great piece and I can guarantee a few DVDs will be purchased for Xmas presents’ - Michael Ganley, SAFC Museum

‘Congratulations to everyone involved in the production of this amazing film. Watching stories of local people unfold really brings the history to life and tears at the heart strings. I salute each of the heroes in the story and I salute everyone who has put time and energy into making sure these stories are heard. I hope many more people will have the opportunity to see this film, and I feel confidant that most people will come away firmly resolved to make the world somewhere such events can never happen again. BRAVO - A truly inspirational project.’ - Steve Robson, Conductor of Lanchester Brass Band

‘I enjoyed all the details about the area before the war, and once it moved on to the war itself, I think you've captured an excellent range of individual stories. I think 'The Wear at War' is extremely good and I hope you're pleased with it - you should be.’ - Charlotte Zeepvat. Author and Historian

Press for The Wear at War

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